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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Manicure, Anyone??

We get to cut our nails every week and mum will always file my nails into round shape after that. She said that I like to cuddle up with her and my nails will hurt her if she donch file them smooth. So I end up with round nails. And yes, my paw pads are pink, not black. Funny eh?

Here's stinky Barley's nails. Mum need not file them smooth because he doesn't come cuddling with humans. He prefers to sleep on the cold hard floor anytime.


River said...

Those rounded nails are so nice. My mom has scars from my nails--not my fault! Some human needs to get me to the vets (she can't cut them herself--something called arthuritis)

love & wags,

happy said...

Oh wow, very nice and rounded! I dislike having my nails done though. And LS said she still have scars from my nails too oops!

Mino said...

haha ur paws pink one!!! do u use human file or dog file?


Woof pups

Nice looking nails you've got there. The paws look pretty as well. Send your Mom over to our house.

Desert Pups

Chef said...

Nice manicure! Guess what? My pawpads are pink AND black. In fact, they're black polka dots... very embarrassing for a boydoggie.

Nice to meet ya! Come on over and say hi.


beagle62god said...

Nice paws and nails!
My paws are the blackie ones. Love your sweet pink paws!! ^^

My owners are afraid to file my nails... let alone cutting it! Lol~

fat fat said...

cocoa, nice nails you have !! and barley's too ...

pink paw for cocoa and black paw for barley ... HEE