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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why Stinky?

Some of my furiends have asked me why I keep calling my dear brother Stinky Barley. Well here's why:

  • He was stinky, dirty and smelt like a sewer when mum rescued and brought him home. Yucks.
  • He eats and drinks sloppily, making a mess everywhere. Yucks.
  • He drools ALOT. Yucks.

That's not all. In fact I am often a 'victim' of his drool. See for yourself:

Actually he isn't stinky these days but somehow I just got very used to calling him stinky Barley since day one. You know first impression always counts right? It's the same as saying smart Cocoa, cutie Cocoa or handsome Cocoa etc, get it?


Okayyyy.. mum's watching. I'll write something nice. Oh yeah, Barley is indeed a good brother because he comes to my 'rescue' whenever some other dogs we meet in the park tries to hump/bully me. He comes running over and places his big stinky paw on the other dog's back telling him to back off. Cool eh?

(But what he didn't know is that I don't really mind other dogs humping me because I would be too busy sniffing another dog's butt or the grass, or I just simply wouldn't care anyway.)

So as the famous song goes "He ain't heavy, he's my brother", my version would either be:

"He ain't stinky, he's my brother
" or
"He IS heavy, he's my brother. But it's OK."

Now how does that sound?? *Sincere grin*


Bee Bee said...

Dear Cocoa

Hahaha! That sounds very er... sincere ;)

I wish I have a doggie sibling like you and Barley. That way I can show my Jiejie I am the smarter and better behaved one hehe!

Bee Bee

Bowie said...

A very detailed explanation, Cocoa! Okie lah, now I understand why. Poor you, got Barley's saliva all over your head! yeeks!

Cutie Bowie :P

Bee Bee said...

Hiee Cocoa's Mummy,

My sister ask me to tell you that I also have separation anxiety. And I even pooped during one of my guard duty session --- so can you imagine the scene when Jiejie came back home and found my "output" stucked to the door? Eee... but that's HISTORY le!!!! Now we are all grown up, no more puppies, right Cocoa? Hehehe!

Bee Bee

The Three Musketeers said...

oh poor Cocoa , we certainly share the same fate , Cody drool on us too ! Yucks ! but still , his our brother anyway . hehe ,



Woof Cocoa and Barley

Thanks for stopping by to check on Toby. He's doing a little better today.

Desert Pups

Mino said...

hehe drooler.. btw theres an event by spca at east coast park this sun. i would be goin!

fat fat said...

Oooi cocoa, barley drools over me too, but his saliva not stinky leh ... right, barley??

barley: woof!!! *grin*

Chef said...

I'm liking Barley more and more... he not only sleeps like me, he drools like me too... are you sure he's not a Boxer?


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

I like Barley too, he's the man!
How come he drooled on your head, stay away from him or wear a hat or a raincoat or something, hehe.
Congrats on the awards, you deserveeeee it.

Snoop Lim aka Noop Noop said...

Heya Cocoa! U know something u two really makes a really sweet couple! Ur brotherhood really touches me! I bet deep down u love Barley lots! *giggle

Snowy and Crystal said...

hehe thanks for the detailed explaination ^_^

Maltese Paws


The Three Musketeers said...

Thanks for all your care & concern for Lady ! We really appreciate it ! We thank you on behalf on Lady !
She is not eating @ all , so the human gotta force feed her . poor girl .


Shadie the Aussie said...

Hey Cocoa!
Sounds like you gots yourself one pawsome brother. I gotta tell my mom that she needs to get me one'a those!
I'll add ya to my list of fur friends, if that oks!

Tail Wags,

The Three Musketeers said...

haha , i have a blanket but lady & zena won't dare to near be , cause they know i will bark at them real loud . haha !


The Three Musketeers said...

hmm , we dun know how much cody weigh yet , tomorrow his going to visit the vet , so we will know how much that fatty weighs (:
He sure have grown (:
& soon to be like Barley !


Hi Cocoa,
Its great having a sibling don't you think. We look out for each other too. Like your versions of the song!

River said...

Yeah, but stinky is your loving nickname for your sibling. Drool is kinda gross but the trick is to roll in the grass to rub it off.

love & wags,