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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My first official post!

Ok, clever me finally figured out how this works.

So, hmm... what should I blog about?? I'll just start off by introducing myself a little. My name is Cocoa and I'm a male, tri-colour beagle born in Singapore. I have a younger stinky goldie brother called Barley who was born in Aussie. Don't ask me why mum named us after beans... and it was too late when she realised that 'Barley' is a grain and not a bean to be exact. Anyway.. here's some old pics of us:

Pardon the poor quality of the images as they are taken on mum's handphone.

So, I'm supposed to share my blog with Barley huh. I wonder why.. I thought this is supposed to be MY blog. Moreover, Barley CAN'T type on the keyboard well because his stinky paws are much bigger than mine ok. Well, ok.. I'll let him blog when he has enough practice typing on the keyboard and not chewing on the mouse.

Right, I'll stop here for now. Gotta go check out what that retriever is doing in the kitchen... maybe I can get him to see if there's any food on the table.. *evil grin*

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