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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crunchy Tendon Chews

Look what we've got! Air dried tendons! The rolled up ones are veal tendons and the long ones are ox tendons. These are really hard, crunchy chews great for cleaning our teeth. They smell really great too!

Crunch crunch...


Barley making a mess as usual.

He leaves crumbs everywhere as he eats and after that he licks them up. By then the whole floor will be full of his sticky drool!!


We picked up this award from Snoop, Alfie, Rosie and Gabbi! Thanks guys! We love your blog too! You guys are a gorgeous bunch of beagles!


bmnblog said...

Heyyy, you guys get the BEST treats!! We are so jealous, looks yummy!
You're welcome for the award, we really love your blog and appreciate you visiting ours and barking back!
Slobbers xx

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Oh duuurrr, the above comment is supposed to be from us, silly Mum was updating our club blog when she left it!

The FOUR Musketeers said...

your human always gives you two the best yummilicious chews ! mmmm !

Achilles Wong said...

wow.. you have the best treats in the world beans! we would love to have some of that yummylicious chews.

uh-oh... does that mean your mum has a copy of the book already?

drooly kisses,


Pipa said...

WOW, that stuff looks yummylicious!!! Shlep! This weekend I got my first real biiig bone, the vet told us it's great for the teeth. I'm tottaly obsessed with chewing it.... :)

Your photos are always so nice to see!



Sugar the Beagle said...

Oh my, That must have been awesome.

My humans been wanting to purchase a dehydrator to make us treats that are guaranteed to be preservatives and flavouring free, but it's all talk with no action.

I'm so envious of you. I wish I have some tendons too!

Sweet Licks,
Sugar the Beagle

simona e marco e i loro tesori preziosi...paco e milo said...

that stuff looks yummylicious!!!!
do you have kept one for us????
you two are very very very lucky....your humans always gives you two the best yummilicious chews!!!!!!!!!!YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
hope our mum give us something like you!!!!!!!!!
And your picture are alwais very very beautiful and super nice!!!!!!
kisses and licks!!!!!!!

with love, Madison said...

How come the very best chews are so revolting to the humans? H-mom got the "yucks" looking at the pile of crunchy animal parts. HAHAHAHAHAHA ... Madison is drooling, and she is not even a very droolish dog!

Ice Pony Goddess said...

We love sweet tator chews!

Please join our beagle list, it's free and a great way to meet other beagle owners.

It's called Happy Tails, it's a Yahoo!Groups list.

Here's a link

Hope to see ya there!

Molly, beagle
Lucy, Aussie Kelpie

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hmm.. those chews look good. I think I need to send mom out to get some for us too!

fat fat said...

wow wow !! so much treat treats around ... think I can keep the dried apricots for myself only for the time being, right?


Dannan and The Girl said...

Those tendons look delicious! I'm adding them to my Christmas list, BOL.

Brown dog kisses,

Mino said...

Looks delicious..

Yeah as usual, you are a neat person... Barley's messy...

Extra work for your humans then ^_^