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Monday, December 29, 2008

Zoo trip without us :-(

The hoomans went to the zoo without us the other day. Too bad the zoo doesn't allow dogs, we would have gone crazy with all the exotic poop smell!!! Erm, anyway here's some pictures mum took...

The handsome white tiger


Pygmy hippo

Cheetah! Here kitty kitty...

Mum took this pic behind a glass pane where visitors can get up close with these magnificent animals.

Look at its wiry hair!

Giraffes munching away...

"What you looking at??"

Mum also took the chance to take some close-up pics of flowers she came across at the zoo. Here's some really pretty flowers.. Hmm I wonder if they taste nice too..

Why can't we go to the zoo?? Why why why??? :-(

Two lonely souls

Oh on another note, it's gonna be 2009 in just a couple of days! How time flies! Here's wishing all of you a Happy New Year and have lots of fun and food ahead! :-)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Updates and Back-Scratcher

Alrighty, mum says we are not going to be blogging that much in the coming days as she is going to be busy with the festive season around the corner. We have received a big parcel full of gifts from Aki and Poopie, as well as a greeting card from Bee Bee. Thank you guys!! :-) Also, we are lagging in picking up several awards out there. We'll catch it all up real soon hopefully!

We wish all of you a merry merry Christmas and a happy happy New Year ahead!!

Oh yeah, anyone needs a back-scratcher? My big brother Cocoa is really good at it...


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm NOT Sharing!

My favorite rubber candy toy!

Guarding my toy from you-know-who.

The bugger, who pretends to be friendly by smiling from afar...

Don't even think about it! I am NOT sharing!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Grandpa's Blunder - Dirty Paw

Grandpa washes my paws whenever we return from our walks. The first time grandpa washed my paws, he thought I had stepped on some nasty black gunk or something during our walk. As he didn't have his old glasses with him (again!), he didn't realize that the 'black gunk' is actually the pigmentation on my paw. You see, my paw pads are pink, but my right paw pad has some dark pigmentation.

My paws are NOT dirty!!

So grandpa thought "Oh what stubborn, nasty gunk you stepped on!", and started to rub and wash my paw so hard that I started to whine! Luckily he stopped after hearing me whine.

It was after sometime that grandpa realized his blunder. The hooomans even had a good laugh over my misfortune! You know, it's too bad the victim wasn't stinky Barley. He has solid black paw pads.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Me Stinky??

My big brother, Cocoa realized that he had committed social suicide himself after his last blog entry. Now the whole world knows his stinky habit of rolling in poop, and his heavenly spa-like experience with poop and fish oil treatment on his coat.

Mum is sure glad that I don't find rolling in poop a pleasure though. But like our good friend Bee Bee had commented, at least I know Cocoa loves me as a little brother (he refuses to admit it), because he loves stinky stuffs, and he calls me stinky Barley. Hehee!

Hmm... so who's the REAL stinky one now?

I am stinky NOT!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grandpa's Blunder - Fishy Dog

When I was younger (before stinky Barley appeared in this household), grandpa used to come over and bring me out for walks in the late afternoon. One day during one of our walks, I went to roll in some dog's poop. Grandpa was of course grossed out with my whole head and ears stained with dog's poop (I was rather pleased though), and immediately dragged me home for a shower.

As grandpa can't read English and didn't have his old glasses with him, he couldn't figure out which shampoo was for dogs. And there wasn't anybody at home as the hoomans were all at work. He searched high and low and finally found a bottle that looked somewhat like a dog's shampoo.. or so he thought. So he proceeded to shower me with this 'dog shampoo'. He thought this 'shampoo' smelt kind of weird, doesn't lather at all, and too oily. Grandpa then thought it must be some kind of 'dog conditioner' or something and continued to rinse me without realizing that he had been showering me with....

Yes. He thought Lipiderm was a dog shampoo because the bottle looked like a shampoo bottle and with a picture of a dog in front, it can't be wrong! But he was wrong! Lipiderm is a fish oil supplement which I used to take when I was younger!

Grandpa then left the house, leaving a very greasy me in the house. When mum returned from work, she was appalled by an overwhelming stench of what smelt like rotten fish the moment she stepped into the house. Remember I had dog's poop on my head and ears? Yeah, so the smell was like poop and fish all rolled in one. She was then greeted by a very wet, greasy, stinky dog, who was at the same time trying to walk on all fours without slipping (the floor was greasy too!). She almost threw up when she kneel down to smell my head and ears.

Mum then called up grandpa and realized what had happened. Without further delay, she dragged me to the bathroom again to shower me. I was so oily that mum had to shower me THREE times before I am squeaky clean again. And next she confined me in the bathroom while she mopped the whole house FOUR times as the floor was too greasy. After all that clean up, mum nearly died from exhaustion. Ever since then, mum will paste a label with the chinese word 'dog' on our shampoo bottles.. just to be sure nothing similar happens again.

To tell you the truth, that rotten fish smell was really heavenly! It could possibly be better, or if not the next best thing to getting skunked (we don't have skunks over here so I'm not sure what it smells like)! Rolling in poop is nothing, but can you imagine having poop and oil treatment on your coat all at the same time?? It's truly an experience of a lifetime!! WOO!!

Ohhhh I found dog's poop!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crunchy Tendon Chews

Look what we've got! Air dried tendons! The rolled up ones are veal tendons and the long ones are ox tendons. These are really hard, crunchy chews great for cleaning our teeth. They smell really great too!

Crunch crunch...


Barley making a mess as usual.

He leaves crumbs everywhere as he eats and after that he licks them up. By then the whole floor will be full of his sticky drool!!


We picked up this award from Snoop, Alfie, Rosie and Gabbi! Thanks guys! We love your blog too! You guys are a gorgeous bunch of beagles!

Friday, December 5, 2008

X'mas card from King King

We received a X'mas card from King King today! Yippee!! We are not on the DWB X'mas card exchange list this year because mum says she don't know how to make X'mas cards BOOHOO!!! She says she'll try to figure out and hopefully, we could participate in next year's card exchange!

Happy me with King King's card.

Lick lick King King...

Cocoa sniffing out King King.

Thank you King King, for the lovely card!!! :-)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Waiting... and Waiting...

When will it be my turn??

Waiting for the bone...

Still waiting...

Will you hurry up please???

Are you done or not????!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pet Peeves

We hate the vacuum cleaner. Every time that loud-screaming monster comes out, we would dart around to get as far away from it as we can.

It's coming out again! RUN RUN!!!

Stinky Barley watching the monster. Look at his fat butt.

Is it gone yet?