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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bye Bye, Cocoa

Dear friends, this is Cocoa's mum posting here. Thank you for all the well wishes. Cocoa had passed away this morning. I will blog more when I've gather my thoughts.

Run free now my dear boy.. We miss you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cocoa is hospitalized :-(

Hey there every pup, this is Barley posting today. My big brother Cocoa has been hospitalized since yesterday evening. It all started last Saturday afternoon when he puked out some rubbery or cloth-like material. Mum couldn’t quite make out what it was but she was thinking since he puked it out, he should be fine after that. But that night, Cocoa seemed to lost interest in his dinner as it took him longer than usual to finish it.

By Sunday, he was totally rejecting all food and water and began to have bloody soft stools. Mum forced fed him some honey water that night, thinking he should get better the next day as he didn’t puke out the water. Come the next day (Monday), Cocoa was still rejecting all food and water and looking very listless. Mum cooked some chicken breast meat thinking that this should definitely entice him to eat but she was wrong. Cocoa didn’t even want to drink the broth! Mum was really alarmed by then because something is obviously going very wrong.

So she brought Cocoa to the vet last evening and they did an x-ray and blood test. The x-ray was showing that there was some suspicious whitish shadow in his abdomen and it doesn’t appear to be any type of metal or hard object. It could possibly be food or ‘something else’ (but he hasn’t been eating since Saturday). The result from the blood test did not indicate that he is having any kind of infection or organ failure. All readings are within the normal acceptable range. Neither is he running a temperature or having any pain anywhere. The vet then suggested keeping Cocoa overnight at the clinic so that they could put him on a drip to keep him hydrated since he hasn’t been drinking water.

This morning the vet took another x-ray and the whitish shadow has moved down a bit, but not as much as the vet would like to see. The vet also mentioned that Cocoa had some disgusting bloody diarrhea again last night. He managed to eat a little bit of food this morning and didn’t throw up. They then did an ultrasound on him and commented that the whitish shadow look to be some sort of string/cloth/foam like material. If that is true, it could possibly get tangled inside causing obstruction. So if Cocoa doesn’t poop out that ‘thing’ tonight, the vet will have to operate on him tomorrow morning.

Sigh poor Cocoa. I am really missing him. Mum is really worried sick. Please pray for him to be strong and get well soon. Mum is going to visit him later and hopefully take some pics of him. We’ll keep you guys updated on his progress…