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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taking Turns

Umm mmm... chew chew chew.....

... Huh??????

Cocoa: "Can I have the bone pleaseeeeeeee??"
Barley: "But U have been chewing it for the past hour! It's my turn now!"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pawdicure gone wrong

Mum is ever so diligent in keeping our nails short because she gets irritated whenever she hears us making clicking noises as we walk. She says the noise makes her cringe, like those noises you make when you scratch your nails on a chalk board. So, she makes it a point to trim our nails once every week. And here's what happened...


Spot the bleeding digit (no compliments for my double chin pls).


Mum insisted that it wasn't entirely her fault because I was moving too much in the first place. HELLO?!! So now it's my fault instead huh?????

Seriously, I demand EXTRA food and treats to recuperate physically, mentally and emotionally. It's certainly not too much to ask for isn't it?? Hmmpf!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm THREE today!!!

I'm THREE today! Happy Birthday to me!! WOO!! Well, nothing fanciful for our birthdays but with some extra treats and a very very small cupcake!

My humble birthday cake topped with a cookie.

Of course the hoomans didn't let me eat the cake in peace. They had to make me perform some tricks before I get to eat it. So unfair! It's MY birthday isn't it??!!

My neck is straining!!

After the above pic was taken, I tossed the cake up in the air and ate it! Mum's camera was too slow to capture it and within 3 seconds, the cake has gone into my stomach! YUMMY!!!

Are we done? Can I eat the cookie NOW??

That's it! Have a great week ahead guys! AROOOOO!!!!!