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Friday, August 29, 2008


Everything started off well this morning. We had our breakfast and as usual after that, I had to do my "big business". All went well until I started to walk off...

WAIT. Something is NOT right. Something is following me! I turned around but couldn't find it. WHAT IS FOLLOWING ME?? I kept turning and turning but I can't see IT! IT was just right below my tail! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?????? WHY IS IT FOLLOWING ME?????

By then I was really petrified. I kept turning / scooting / running all at the same time, desperately trying to make that thing go away. But it stayed with me! Stinky Barley came over to check out what's happening. He stared at that thing and gave me a 'woah-how-did-you-do-that' look on his face.


Finally mum came over to see what the fuss is all about. She saw that thing and guess what she did? She laughed loudly!! LAUGHED!!!!!! What's so funny???!!! I donch geddit!!! Can't she at least help me chase that thing away or something??

At last mum got hold of a piece of paper towel and shouted at me to stay still. I did. She then pulled that thing out from my 'you-won't-want-to-know-where'. That feeling was totally beyond words I tell ya. And yes, that thing finally doesn't follow me anymore! Thank DOG!

And that was just the beginning. Mum couldn't stop laughing and even started describing to EVERYONE about that thing looking like a string of mini sausages. WHAT THE...?

A string of sausages? Like this??

What exactly is so funny about a string of mini sausages??? How much more do they have to laugh at me? And it doesn't help with that retriever still giving me the 'hey-tell-me-again-how-you-did-that' face til NOW! He thinks it's fun huh? I hope he gets his turn of having mini sausages chasing after him next time.

Mum mentioned she read somewhere that pulling that string of mini sausages thing out from the 'you-won't-want-to-know-where' is not the proper way to do it. And she actually did that to me? BRILLIANT. So, any pup's mums out there be kind enough to share what's the best/proper way to do it?

I am sad, angry and traumatised... and my a$$ hurts.

I hate mum.
I hate Barley.
They saw it all.

Why why why???? :-(

I think I should just go hide at a corner and waste myself away for the next one or two days. That should make them feel sorry and realise that it is WRONG to laugh at me.

Yeah, I'll just do that.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who Moved the Bone?

What do you get when a silly retriever can't make up his mind whether to chew his bone or to drink water?


And tries to do both at the same time?



Friday, August 22, 2008

'Potato-Chip' Ears?

Hi there every pup! This is Barley posting again!! You know, mum says my big brother, Cocoa's ears are funny. Why? Whenever he does something wrong and gets scolded, or whenever he is submissive, his ears would turn into 'potato chips'! It's true!!

This is how he looks like when he realised that mum knows about what he had done. His ears turn into 'potato chips' and his head looks like an egg.

Mum starts scolding him. He'll pretend he doesn't know anything and starts yawning with his 'potato chips' ears.

And more YAWNINGGG!!!!!!!!! OMDog, doesn't he look spooky in this pic??

He looks away and act like that he CAN'T hear anything.

'Potato chips' ears slowing returning to normal because mum had stopped scolding him.

Mum says my ears do turn into 'potato chips' like Cocoa's too, just that I have smaller ears and more fur on my ears, making them less obvious!

And I donch sit when mum scolds me, I lay flat with my chin on the floor indicating that I'm sorry. Sometimes I will flip over too and mum starts to melt and stop scolding me! Hehe!

"I'm sorryyyyy Mum.. :-("

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Puppy Pictures

Honestly, I really donch know what is the big deal about puppy pictures. Mum squeals whenever she looks at some of my puppy pics. I mean, wasn't that dog in the picture ME? So what's the fuss about? Mum says I was so small and so cute etc etc.

Wait a minute. I WAS cute?? WAS?? What about NOW? For goodness sake, I am ALWAYS cute ok?!

Anyway, mum doesn't really have puppy pics of Barley as he was almost 6 months old or so when she rescued and brought him home. He was then a skinny, stinky dog, almost looking like a mongrel.

Barley on his first day home.

Barley after 1 month, looking more like a retriever.

And here are some of my puppy pics taken when I was 4 months old:

So how was I looking different from now?

I look the same right???

Mum says it's my eyes. I had darker eye-liner then......


So, what's eye-liner?.. Is it edible?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Catching Treats!

Mum took videos of me and Cocoa catching treats off our noses! Here's me:

Here's my big brother, Cocoa:

Can you spot who is drooling and who is not? Hehe.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who's better...?

........... in playing dead?

Here's talented me:

"Arrghh... I can't move! My limbs are stiff! I can't breathe!! I am DYING!!~~"
(Note the muscle tension around my eyes area)

And here's stinky Barley:

"Playing dead or just... silly?"

What can I say about this pic? Good attempt but not good enough. Seriously, I think he needs a face lift *sniggers*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We have received an award from Snoop!

Here are the rules to this award:

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We shall norminate:

Jazz and Dixie
Bond Bond
Puggy Boo Boo


Monday, August 11, 2008

Barley's first post

Hello everybody,

This is Barley here and I'm making my first post! Yayy! :-)

I was abandoned by my owner when I was a puppy.. can't really remember much but I know I was living in a cage for quite a while until mum saw me.. and she couldn't bear to leave me alone there because I was very skinny and had nothing to eat but plain cooked rice :-(

Since mum brought me home, Cocoa has been my best buddy! He lets me sleep on his bed and shares his sofa and toys with me :-)

He even lets me chew his head!! See!!

And we hold paws too...

We even share secrets!!

But I donch know why Cocoa seemed to have grown smaller. When I first came, he was just a little bit smaller than me but after a while, he became smaller and smaller.. and shorter and shorter.. hmm.... and it is until recently then he stopped growing smaller.. I wonder what's wrong with him?

(Cocoa: That's because you grew bigger!! I NEVER grew smaller ok!!!! @#%!#$!%#@)

Friday, August 8, 2008


Leave me alone!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

MY Sofa

As you can see, I love sitting on the sofa watching tv..

And getting drowsy.....

And sleeping on it.....

Until I saw.........


Barley on MY sofa!!! He even brought a chew bone up with him!!! :-(
(ps: See his butt fur? Mum shaved his butt fur away last week!! *hiaks hiaks*)

I donch like to share MY sofa with Barley...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My first official post!

Ok, clever me finally figured out how this works.

So, hmm... what should I blog about?? I'll just start off by introducing myself a little. My name is Cocoa and I'm a male, tri-colour beagle born in Singapore. I have a younger stinky goldie brother called Barley who was born in Aussie. Don't ask me why mum named us after beans... and it was too late when she realised that 'Barley' is a grain and not a bean to be exact. Anyway.. here's some old pics of us:

Pardon the poor quality of the images as they are taken on mum's handphone.

So, I'm supposed to share my blog with Barley huh. I wonder why.. I thought this is supposed to be MY blog. Moreover, Barley CAN'T type on the keyboard well because his stinky paws are much bigger than mine ok. Well, ok.. I'll let him blog when he has enough practice typing on the keyboard and not chewing on the mouse.

Right, I'll stop here for now. Gotta go check out what that retriever is doing in the kitchen... maybe I can get him to see if there's any food on the table.. *evil grin*

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Photobucket: ....?
Photobucket: hmmmmmm...??!
Photobucket: how to...... ?
Photobucket: asdfasdf
Photobucket: huh???????
Photobucket: *woof!!!*
Photobucket: ....

************* 1 hour later *************
Photobucket: *bored*
Photobucket: *feeling goofy*

************* 2 hours later *************

PhotobucketPhotobucket: ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........................